International Conference of Sport, Health and Physical Education 2020

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2. Participation Information

3. Payment Information (Invoice)

Participants who will receive the invoice, but will not meet the due date, will be required to pay a fine (a cancellation fee, administrative proceedings). You can cancel the invoice until October 20, 2020. In this case, please contact us through an email address, please do not forget to include your name and ID.

4. Consents

5. Summary

By selecting participation as an author you agree with the processing of your abstract in the book of abstracts.

By selecting participation as a student you agree to provide the appropriate proof when asked.

Conference fee: 200 € / 5000 CZK (before June 30, 2020: 160 € / 4000 CZK)160 € / 4000 CZK (before June 30, 2020: 120 € / 3000 CZK)120 € / 3000 CZK (before June 30, 2020: 100 € / 2500 CZK)

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